I am all that you know and the endless that you are not aware of.
I am in your heart, whenever you wish to speak to me.
I do not require anything of you except your attention.
You do not have to belong to a fanatical anti-everything group, sacrifice little animals or stand on your head, humming a sacred song to find me.
I am infinitely friendly.
I am open to your every thought.
I will not chastise you for anything.
I will not discipline or restrict you.
I am more of you, all the more that you have searched for.
I am not holy or sacred myself, so don’t treat me that way, be natural.
I am a natural part of life.
I am the inevitable next step, the best path to tread upon, the easy way out of your mess.
I am friendly and I am aware of your human-ness.
It’s not bad or shocking to me, it’s simply human.
Sneak a peek into your heart anytime and check on me.
I am you, so I won’t be offended.
Ask me anything, but not next weeks lotto numbers, I’m a bit tired of that old joke!
Take more time to be silent.
Turn your music off and be quiet for a while, then you can hear me, then we can talk.
I’m super-friendly, why not take advantage of it and let me whisper ways to sweeten your days?


You know nothing if you depend upon your brain.
Your brain is not an intelligence, it is a collector, a hard drive, a sorter of information.
It is not the instigator of innovation.
It is not the cause of creativity.
Your brain is a storage device.
Your brain belongs to your body.
Your heart is the gateway to your infinite consciousness.
Your infinite consciousness is intelligent and innovative and creative.
Your brain is logical and believes in practical, realistic solutions to problems.
Your infinite heart broadcasts directly from the infinite and eternal, there is no such thing as impossible.
Life intelligence uses the infinitely impossible and eternally unlikely as normal tools.
If you do not use your heart as a brain instead of your head, you miss out on this infinite problem solver.
You cannot get through life using logic and being sensible.
At heart you are an immortal something, an intelligence that uses the infinitely impossible to play.
You need to get used to that idea and use it regularly.
Then the infinitely impossible will become a normal part of your life.


Intelligent life takes intelligent gambles.
It throws millions of seeds to the wind, betting that some will land and take root.
It sends countless eggs across dangerous waters, gambling that some will survive.
It gives birth to numbers, confident that a few of those numbers will be winning bets.
Life is a gamble, there are no guarantees.
Everything you do is a risk.
You can never be sure what is around the corner.
All of the insurances in the world cannot guarantee complete security, there is always an element of the unexpected.
Life is infinitely gambling with every living thing it gives birth to.
There are a thousand things that can go wrong before a baby is even born.
There are millions more that can stop it growing up.
If you could look at the odds of survival on this world, they are probably not too good.
You might try and play safe, but you are in the middle of a busy highway and at any minute a bus could come bearing down on you, then again it mightn’t.
It is good to take risks, to step out of your nest sometimes and try something different.
You are going to die anyway, that’s a sure bet.
Want to disagree? I’ll give you good odds.
Since you will die, you may as well take risks along the way, no good laying on your death bed, plagued by thoughts of what you could have done if only…
If only you had the courage to join in with the spirit of life, which is forever infinitely gambling all of the way home!


Life is infinitely beautiful.
You can never stop uncovering surprises.
No matter where you look, there is another delight, another breath-taking wonder.
If you  look at a blade of grass, a rusted nail or used chewing gum, you will still find outstanding beauty, but only if you take the time to really look with your heart and not your fickle emotions.
Your emotions hide much of the wonder of life from you.
It is very easy for an artist to become obsessed with one subject or certain colours or one technique.
Beauty can bind you to it.
Beauty can lure you into its arms and take you away from your problems and worries.
Not everyone can see this delight.
The ego can blind you to the wonders of beautiful life by filling your mind with useless distractions and endless prattle.
Take control and look around you.
You are living in a world that is stunningly beautiful, no matter which way you look.
Even the filthiest hell-hole on earth is alive with fascinating micro organisms, tiny corners of new life and perhaps even a genuine smile.
You can find beauty anywhere if you care to look for it.
Get out of the habit of being critical and analytical with everything you come cross, these are attitudes from the ignorant ego,
You are missing out on the infinitely beautiful, it is everywhere but not obvious while you wear a drab bag of misery on your head.

infinitely Intriguing

There is an urge for every living thing to ask what am I?
It is subtle, usually not spoken.
It’s like a wart on your back, well you assume it’s a wart.
You know something’s there, but it’s not bothering you, so who cares?
Life is infinitely intriguing.
Everything wants to investigate, find out more, become more familiar with the unknown.
Life is always urging you to expand your horizons, to look further afield.
It is quietly leading you to your future.
Your future is known, one day you will remember what you are.
Life is always urging you to stay on track to that future.
Any other future is not acceptable or even possible because there is only one that has already happened.
Life is infinitely intriguing, even within the infinite, the 5th. dimension.
There will always be something that attracts your interest, perhaps a color, a flash of light, an image, a glimpse into another realm.
Even the mention of such possibilities arouses a curiosity, it’s only natural.
People love stories because they want to know more.
They want to know what happens next, what is the the outcome?
Let your curiosity take you on mystical journeys.
Let your interest in the unknown, lead you onto strange paths and introduce you to situations that you can’t comprehend.
This is living.
Life is infinitely intriguing, let it take you away.

Infinitely fertile

The infinite never stands still.
It is forever giving birth to new forms, new beings, new worlds, whole galaxies.
Birth is the way of the infinitely fertile, eternal intelligence.
Life is fertility, without it, there is no life.
Life will popup anywhere and anytime and sometimes in the most impossible of situations.
Life is everywhere without exception.
Breezes push airborne seeds across continents.
The ocean is a huge breathing monster that pumps pods, embryos, eggs, new life all around this planet.
The land is life within life.
No matter how infinitesimally small, there is life.
It is in every crack, every corner, every crevice on Earth.
Your body is packed with life, fertile, dynamic life.
Whole worlds live within you.
This world is infinitely fertile, it is bursting, it is overflowing with new life.
Many have not even been discovered by man as yet.
There are forms that live on the edge of other realities.
There are beings that live between dimensions.
Anywhere and everywhere the abundance and generosity of life is on show.
Life is an outstanding, incredible, overwhelming display of the infinitely fertile.

Infinitely colorful

Color is a silent persuader, a subtle decider, a sensitive mood maker.
It can subtly encourage responses, such as eat and sleep.
Color can be hypnotic, entrancing and entertaining.
This world is an infinitely colorful canvas, painted and repainted by the minute, never steady for long, always merging into a new, unpredictable palette.
Watch a sunset, it can mesmerize you, as the unrehearsed light opera fills the evening with the music of hues and tones, mixed like never imagined.
Uncountable combinations merge and collide, some linger and showoff their beauty, others flash by in an instant, quickly forgotten but all, are a part of the delight of the moment.
The colours of this world can take your breath away, but they pale beside the purity and range of infinitely colorful vistas on display in the eternal and infinite.
Your heart can get you seats to see such a spectacle, but you have to be patient and peaceful and trusting before it can take you in and on an infinitely colorful light show.
See your heart today.
Hurry! Tickets are unlimited!

Infinitely dark

Dark is not black.
Darkness is rich with potential, full of promise, a mysterious space waiting to be investigated.
Blackness controls the earth, it is heartless and self-seeking.
Infinite darkness rules nothing but is everything.
The infinitely dark stretches across eternity like a warm blanket on a chilly morning.
It is comforting, seductive, alluring and exotic.
It is the container of whatever you seek.
Look for something within the infinite and you will find it.
From out of the darkness it will form.
The darkness stretches out before you forever, always strange patterns erupting sporadically and unpredictably.
Worlds appear from nowhere, life forms topple out of them, almost.
Things unexplained happen and unhappen.
The infinitely dark is the infinitely interesting and the infinitely creative.
Do not be afraid of the dark, welcome it and let your heart look into it and see what forms before you.
What is it telling you, what do you need to hear?
It’s not serious, it’s life, infinite life!


Life is not dull, you might be at times, but that’s probably a result of you trying to be too careful.
Life is a lush and endlessly rich garden, loosely planted and freely grown.
It is full of surprises, patterns and changes.
It has corners of musty darkness as well as hills of precious color.
Life is infinitely exciting, if you trust it enough to let it carry you along its winding way to places you never dreamed of and situations you could not have created.
Life is going somewhere, it is infinitely intelligent, it’s probably a good idea to trust it.
When you turn your back on your fears, reject the poor advice from your ego and then dive into the garden of life, who knows where you might end up?
Who knows what strange path you might follow or what delightful valley you may fall into.
There is no end to the exciting possibilities that await you.
You might not be happy with every situation when you trust the process of life, but your life will be full of surprises and the unknown will become your constant companion.
Trust your heart, the portal to the infinitely exciting.


Your infinite heart is intelligent, you are not.
Life is intelligent beyond your understanding of the word, your intelligence is way below what you have been led to believe.
Humanity is obsessed with itself.
All day long it stares at the reflection from its few achievements and comments on its own beauty.
Humanity is a reflection of a reflection, it is a mere memory of a memory.
Life is infinitely intelligent, you are life, yet you can hardly touch that intelligence.
Your brain has been put out of action and instead you rely on your memory, thinking that recalls or reruns are intelligent.
The past is your source of creativity.
The past as you have been taught, is a lie.
You have lost the ability to think, this is not your fault.
Humanity was hijacked eons ago.
You need to get out of the clutches of the black forces that keep you caged.
There is only one way out.
There is only one path to touch true intelligence.
That path is in your heart.
Turn to your heart instead of your brain and you will discover a new form of intelligence, infinite intelligence.
Your brain has a finite intelligence, your heart is infinitely intelligent.